No matter how much money we have to spend, there is no need to unnecessarily blow the holiday budget. Saving in certain areas could contribute to the scuba diving trip or Jet Ski excursion you’ve been dreaming about. One great way to save the pennies is by shopping for your flights, smartly. By following these simple steps, that holiday of your dreams might be closer than you think!

Avoiding the peak seasons

Prices for flights can sky-rocket during peak times of the year, such as school holidays and Christmas. If you can be more flexible with the time of year that you travel, it is certainly worth considering. However, if you do need to travel during the school holidays, the prices are more reasonable at the very start and towards the end of the break.

Mid-week money savers!

As well as the time of year that you fly, being mindful about the day of the week, can also keep flight costs low. Flying mid-week can be up to a 68% cheaper on short haul flights and up to 34% cheaper on long hauls. With a typical holiday being only a week long, an added bonus of flying on a strategic day, often means no additional annual leave days are required!

The popularity of ‘long weekend’ breaks has seen a price increase for arrivals/departures during the weekend – including Fridays and Mondays. The key days you are looking for are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Be flexible with your location

Our passion is travel. So if like us, you are looking to explore every corner of the world, now may be the best time to try a new destination! Consider comparing the prices of flights to various locations – particularly those off of the radar of your average tourist. Why not try Bulgaria, Indonesia, or Colombia?

What about the best time to book?

Generally, with short haul flights, you should avoid booking more than 6 months in advance. With long haul flights, there is usually an ideal price-point between 7 – 10 months before the flight date. Anything outside of theses time frames, is when flights are typically their dearest.

However, it is important to note that the seat sales (whether these are high or low) can cause an airline to amend their price at any time!

ALERT! The price of your flight has dropped!

To avoid the need to constantly keep an eye on prices, many comparison sites offer the service of a price drop alert/notification. The ever-changing popularity of a flight can affect the cost of a seat, so getting this heads up can shoot you straight to the front of the queue for a great deal. Personally, we think it’s better than finding the last pair of shoes that are your size in the sales!

Stop-overs = Savings

Whilst the perception of a stopover is that it can be a lot of hassle, we see them as opportunities! Heading from London to Melbourne? Why not pop to the top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai on the way?

If this seems like too much bother for you, simply booking an over-night hotel for a long stop-over, or taking a domestic flight to another town/city before flying long haul, can still save you hundreds!

Book with us!

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