Having a trip is always exciting. Just after finalizing the dates, we start the countdown. To make trips smooth and full of refreshments, many of us choose aeroplanes as the main transportation medium. Without any doubt, flight journeys are quite comfortable and require very less time to reach the destination in comparison with other available transportation mediums. But when you try to fly with kids, you have to make additional preparations. Flying with kids is not tough, but a bit more preparation is beneficial in many ways. You should start by booking the flights according to the dates. In order to book cheap flights, use flight comparison sites like Triparison. Otherwise, booking tickets from airline sites won’t help at all. Booking tickets direct from airlines’ site make us pay more bucks. 

When it comes to flying with kids, no last-minute managing skill will help. There is no escape from dealing with the mess if you miss keeping things organized. But when Triparison is here, you don’t need to deal with any mess. 

Don’t let your kids use smartphones always

Flight journeys are not always comfortable for kids. And the worst thing is that they cannot convey their discomfort accordingly. Often, we try to keep them busy with smartphones and gadgets, but that’s not an ideal thing. Using smartphones for hours is not a solution. It may make them feel more tired. So, it’s always better to enable some other ways to keep children relaxed during flight journeys. 

Screen-free ways to keep your kids busy on the air journey

1. Let them play with sticker books

Making toddlers sit in a fixed place for hours is not that easy. After getting comfortable in the seat, you can make them play with sticker books. You can buy holiday and airport-themed sticker books, or you can have books according to your kids’ preferences. From toddlers to kids- every child will enjoy colourful sticker books. So, when you pack the baggage for the trip, you should not forget to pack the sticker books accordingly.

2. Carry a small storybook 

Kids love to listen to various stories- be it fairy tales or something related to animals or birds. To keep your kid screen-free during the air journey, you can carry a storybook. You can make them read or read the book and make them listen. According to some parents, this is the best technique to keep the child fresh and active during the air journey

3. Study the map

When travelling to a destination, try to let your kids learn more about the places, their culture, and many other things that may amaze your kids. If you are travelling to the United Kingdom or any other place, you can collect a map and study that together. Your kids will love to explore new places via a colourful map. The places you will visit, you can let your kid explore the places on the map. They will get a new view of the places and know things better. 

4. Try no-mess watercolours 

This is another amazing idea to keep kids busy on the plane. No-mess watercolours are amazing, and you should not let your kids use that at home. You should inform your kids how amazing these colours are so that they remain excited to use them on the plane. There are various types of no-mess watercolours, based on the preference of your kids, you can purchase the no-mess watercolours. 

5. Play some travel games 

There are plenty of travel-friendly games that kids enjoy during the aeroplane journey. You can search online to buy the best travel games. You will get these games offline too. Before buying anything, you can ask your kids to know what they want to play with in the coming days. Or sometimes, kids convey what they need to make their playtime more excited. You can buy a game accordingly and surprise your kid on the journey. We can guess that this will be an exciting moment for your kid. 

6. Design a postcard

Postcard design is not a new thing, but today, it has its charming vibes to keep kids engaged on the plane. For the postcard design, you have to carry some colours and pens. But you should be careful that kids should not paint chairs or other stuff inside the airport or flight. So, you should limit the use of pens and colours. You can start designing the postcard with your kids. You will be able to observe their activities and limit the use of pens and colours here and there. There are various types of postcard books available in the market. We have seen that it works well for younger kids. 

These are six easy ways to keep kids busy on the plane. Keeping kids busy on the plane is easy with these effective tips, but if they feel any discomfort or anxiety, you should soothe them first instead of making them engage in these activities. 

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