We are sorry to inform you that Flight ABC000091 to London Stansted Airport has been cancelled due to an Airline strike“. If you receive such a notification, the entire joy and excitement will be diminished instantly. We do not prefer to imagine such a situation. But we cannot skip reality as well. It’s valid to mourn for a while as your entire plan is at stake, and you don’t know whether there is any way to sort out everything or not.

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After the sudden flight cancellation, you should check what kind of compensation you are eligible for. You can read the hefty EC 261 EU Passengers Rights Regulations document. Just kidding! We know at such a point, reading the rules and rights is not possible. And that’s why today we are explaining the do’s and don’ts to make everything easily understandable for you. 

Are you eligible for compensation?

If your flight is cancelled because of an airstrike, make sure that you have to wait for hours and hours inside the airport, you will see every passenger trying to get away out to reach the destination. But the good thing is that if the flight is delayed or cancelled due to an airstrike, you are likely to get compensation. In the case of flight cancellation, you will be offered an alternative flight from the same Airline within the day or the day later to reach your destination. But, yes, many hours will be wasted. And that’s truly frustrating. If offering an alternative flight is not possible, you will get a full refund. 

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To avail of the compensation, you should have the certain eligibility:

  • If the Airline informed you of the cancellation less than two weeks before your scheduled departure 
  • If the journey is delayed by 3 hours or more
  • The new arrival time of the alternative flight is later than the original one
  • If the disruption takes place within the last three days

How much compensation are you eligible for? 

According to the EU Passenger Rights Regulation, passengers should get full reimbursement of their flight ticket price or an alternative transport within the day or the next day. Based on the total delay hours, the arrival time of the alternative flight, and the distance of your journey, a passenger is entitled to claim between €250 and €600 approximately. Even if you have received the reimbursement amount still, you are eligible for such compensation. If you meet all the eligibility criteria, you are likely to get- 

  • Up to 1500 Km, you’re entitled to approximately €250
  • Between 1500 km to 3500 km, you are entitled to approximately €400
  • For 3500 km above, you are entitled to approximately €600

Some more rights you must know 

If you are stuck at the airport, you fall under ‘right to care. It means the airline authority must look after you. It is applicable when you are stuck at the airport due to technical issues, strikes, or bad weather. 

After you need to wait for more than two hours, the Airline should provide food and refreshment throughout the day. It also offers communication benefits such as two phone calls, fax messages and emails.  If the alternative flight is scheduled for the next day, generally, airlines provide hotel accommodations for the passengers. They will also provide the airport transfer to reach the hotel. But you must save all proof of your expenditure while at the airport. You should get the facilities or com[ensations in writing to avoid any additional payment in the coming days. But it’s really wise to make full use of complimentary food and drinks offered by the airline authority.

My flight was cancelled two years ago due to an airline strike. Can I get a refund now? 

If your flight was cancelled in such a way as far back as three years ago, you are still eligible for compensation under EC 261. The criteria we have mentioned above will still apply to your flight cancellation incident in the past. To avail of the compensation and other facilities, you must save all your receipts. To claim the compensation, you should get written information from the Airline.

If you want to book cheap flights after sudden cancellations, Triparison is a great choice. But you should wait for a while to check the facilities offered by the Airline. If you are not satisfied with the facilities or compensation, you can go for a separate flight booking.